You may be surprised at the number of insurance products that are available, if there is any form or risk or monetary loss then there is an insurance policy probably available to cover you. From protecting your prize for a hole in one.


Many business in Cambodia are broken into over holiday periods, the infinity burglary policy covers you for loss or damage to your property due to theft by forcible and violent entry ,theft by person concealed on your premises or a hold-up or armed robbery.

Money Insurance

Theft of your money from your business or whilst in transit to a bank.

Fidelity Guarantee

The loss of money or your property from acts of fraud, theft or dishonesty by your staff.

Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk Insurance can protect your business' for liability arising out of a sensitive data breach from your IT system (e.g customers' personal information, credit card numbers) exposed or stolen by a hacker or other criminal who has gained access to the firm's electronic network.

Bankers Blanket Bond

The BBB policy has been designed especially for financial institutions. It provides coverage of financial assets and property against fraudulent acts perpetrated by employees, as well as theft or burglary perpetrated by non-employees.

Hole In On

Hole in One – Prize protection for your golf day.

Property / Liability / Employee Benefits / Construction / Marine / Motor Vehicle