Business owners don’t just need to insure their material assets, but their most important asset – their people. Infinity is the largest provider of Employee Benefits Insurance in Cambodia so we have a product that can be tailored to your needs.

Personal Accident

Unexpected accidents do happen far too often, in some cases resulting in either the fatality of an employee or permanently disabled and unable to work again. Our Group Personal Accident Insurance provides all your employees with 24 hour 7 days a week cover anywhere in the world.

Hospital & Surgical

With several plans to choose from depending on the level of cover required our Hospital and Surgical Insurance can provide in-patient cover for all your employees and, can also be extended to include spouse and dependents. All insured employees get access to Infinity’s cashless national network of hospitals and cover for neighbouring countries is automatic.

Outpatient Care

Available to organisations employing 25 or more staff, our Corporate Outpatient Insurance provides a real value added employment benefit to your staff helping to reduce business downtime by ensuring that ill employees get immediate treatment thus reducing the time off work.

Asia Care +

For the business wanted the very best cover, whether you just want to insure expatriates or your key local employees, our Asia Care+ product has a range of options, including in-patient, out-patient, dental, optical and maternity cover with access to some of the best medical facilities worldwide including medical evacuation.

Property / Liability / Construction /Marine / Motor Vehicle / Other Insurances